unique & colorful graphic design
by Jamie McCanless

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rainbow pride stripes Rainbow Pride
Gilbert Baker's
Rainbow Flag was
first used in San
Francisco's 1978
Pride Parade. [+]
25th anniversary rainbow pride stripes Rainbow Pride 25
On its 25th anniversary,
Gilbert Baker restored
two stripes to the Rain-
bow Flag that were in
the original design. [+]
ally pride stripes Ally Pride
Jamie McCanless' design for
mainsteam acceptance and
support of our gay, lesbian,
bisexual, and transgender
communities. [+]
bi pride stripes Bi Pride
Michael Page
of BiCafe
designed the
Bi Pride Flag
in 1998. [+]
trans pride stripes Trans Pride
Monica Helms devel-
oped the Trans Pride
Flag and first used it
in the 2000 Phoenix
Pride Parade. [+]
bear pride stripes Bear Pride
Craig Byrnes designed the
International Bear Brother-
hood Flag selected during
Chesapeake Bay Bears 1995
Bears of Summer events. [+]
leather pride stripes Leather Pride
The Leather Pride Flag
designed by Tony LeBlase
first appeared at the 1989
International Mr. Leather
contest in Chicago, IL. [+]
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