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unique & colorful graphic design
by Jamie McCanless

os x icons : nature

Sea Beast

A three-piece lawn sculpture gave me the idea for this design. Each section of the sea serpent is its own icon. Altogether, the head, hump, and tail make a creature half submerged in your display!

15 icons
Sea Beast preview


To make a wish come true, says Native American legend, whisper it to a butterfly. That's as good a reason as any for giving these colorful butterflies a home on your desktop!

8 icons
Flutter preview
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JamieCo Design at


I like snow! We have had so little of it, however, that I've drawn my own. There isn't enough to build a snowman (snowperson? snowbeing?) but sometimes you just have to deal with winter one flake at a time.

19 icons
Snow preview


The Mad Scientist at summoned me to peer into his LightWave microscope. What I saw there is only fantasy, he insists, but I have the uneasy feeling that those images will soon be seen elsewhere…

9 icons
Germs preview
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JamieCo Design at


I look forward to autumn, but the glorious blaze of colors fades so soon. This handful of leaves might keep winter at bay a bit longer, at least on your desktop. They will not scatter in the wind. No raking is needed.

8 icons
Leaves preview
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